- First and foremost, I want to explain a little bit about the medium that I choose to create with: polymer clay. It is so versatile, which is what made me initially fall in love with it! However, it is not a very forgiving medium. Different brands and colors and textures all cure slightly differently, lending it almost impossible for polymer clay pieces to be perfect and without blemishes! Our earrings are handmade from the design process, to the final product and although we do our very best to eliminate bubbles and marks, these may be present in your product. 

- There are no returns or exchanges, unless you receive a broken or damaged pair of earrings. In this case, you may contact us for a return address and we will work out a refund or exchange. Polymer Clay is quite durable, so this shouldn't happen but please let us know if it does! 

- Please allow 5 business days for your order to ship out.

- While polymer clay is an extremely durable medium, DO NOT bend your earrings! Again, different colors and brands cure so that some are more brittle than others.